Price List

Price List

Details of the price list is below, if you have any specific questions then get in touch.

Registration Fees
This is a non refundable fee that is required prior to your child starting at Bumblebees Day Nursery

Registration per child for all 0-4 year olds £50.00
(Registration for each sibling thereafter) £10.00
Registration for “The Hive” out of School club £20.00
(Registration for each sibling thereafter) £10.00

Nursery Children not eligible for Early Years Entitlement Funding (EYEF)

Full 8am-6pm (inc. breakfast, lunch, high tea and snacks) £43.00
Part 8pm-1pm (inc. breakfast, lunch and morning snack) £26.50
Part 1pm-6pm (inc. high tea and afternoon snack) £25.50

Children eligible for Early Years Entitlement Funding (EYEF)
(NB: Prices shown below are before a deduction for EYEF is made)
Normal Sessions

8am – 1pm (inc. breakfast & morning snack but exc. lunch) £19.90
8am – 1pm (inc. breakfast, morning snack & lunch) £22.90
1pm – 6pm (inc. afternoon snack & high tea) £19.90
8am – 6pm (inc. breakfast, high tea & snacks but exc. lunch) £39.80
8am – 6pm (inc. breakfast, lunch, high tea & snacks) £42.80

Core funding sessions – EYEF term time only

9:00am – 12:00pm (inc. snack) £11.94
12:00pm – 3:00pm (inc. snack but exc. lunch) £11.94
12:00pm – 3:00pm (inc. snack & lunch) £14.94
9:00am – 3:00pm (inc. snacks but exc. lunch) £23.88
9:00am – 3:00pm (inc. snacks & lunch) £26.88
Hourly rate for additional hours booked over and above session times £3.98

Please note that the EYEF rate is subject to change. When it is next reviewed we shall have to revisit our fees again to fall in line with this entitlement.

“The Hive” Out of School Club for Children Aged 4 – 11 Years

Breakfast Club 8am – 9am (inc. breakfast) £5.25
After School Club 3:15pm – 6pm (inc. high tea) £11.50
Breakfast & After School Club combined (inc. breakfast & high tea) £16.00
Holiday Club 9am – 3pm (inc. snacks; packed lunch required*) £16.00
* A hot lunch can be provided for holiday club sessions at an additional cost of £3.00 per day
Hourly rate for additional hours booked over and above session times £4.50

Early or Late Drop Off

Early drop offs 7:30am – 8am (to be pre-arranged with the Nursery Manager) £4.00
Late pick up (per every 15 minutes) £8.50